When looking back on the impact Steve Jobs made, we see a number of amazing products on the market that have greatly impacted our daily lives. When I have run into trouble, be it product malfunction or user ignorance, I consistently return to the Mac support system. I do this for one reason: No one knows how to utilize a Mac product better than a Mac employee.  Why? Specified training.

This leads me to then broaden the scope of this idea to senior care. When looking for a good caregiver, it is important to find a candidate who is specifically trained to work in your loved one’s home. The senior care community has inappropriately placed Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing caregivers in the private residences of those who desire to stay at home. This sets both the client and caregiver up for failure.  Caregivers who have worked in Long Term Care have a support system in that facility. There is a plethora of other staff that they rely on to provide other services beyond the basic dressing, bathing and grooming for which the caregiver is responsible. These caregivers have developed an incredible skill set in this area, but for the most part, their knowledge is limited to assisting with those basic needs.  So, when a caregiver with this skill set is placed in a home setting, they have not been trained or developed the skills to then assist with more general household tasks like meal preparation, wardrobe selection, proper transportation techniques and home repairs.

Mom’s Best Friend has recognized this problem and addresses the issue with an intensive training program. We provide a 40 hour online training program and an in house training program. The 40 hour online training addresses general concepts like home/environmental safety, good mobility, promoting independence, the aging process, cultural differences and nutrition/hydration. The in house training extends to luxury level care. This training includes: executive transportation, fine meal preparation and meal service, home revitalization, pet care, concierge engagement and administrative assistance.

When Mom’s Best Friend caregivers complete our training program, they build on previous job experience and skills to develop into someone you can rely on heavily as a family.  If you are looking for a caregiver or assistant to ensure the safety and happiness of your aging loved one, give us a call at 972-446-0500 x 224.


Claire Maestri
Director of Senior Care Services

Mom's Best Friend
10440 N. Central Expressway Suite 1030
Dallas, Texas 75231


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