Mercy Street
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Mercy Street is and has always been about one idea: providing Christian discipleship to children in West Dallas

Mercy Street works in historically under-resourced communities where residents face specific obstacles and challenges through no fault of their own. We believe all people experience poverty, whether economic or spiritual. If “poverty is the absence of Shalom in all its meanings,” (Meyers), then we believe poverty in this sense of the word has manifested in Dallas and led to brokenness of relationships and an absence of peace.

We disciple through one-on-one mentoring, sports leagues, and the Leadership Institute. Through these avenues, students are equipped with opportunities to be future leaders in their community. Likewise, you will experience mutual transformation as you love your neighbors: wanting the same for them as you want for yourself. We envision transformed, peaceful communities and the elimination of spiritual poverty.

We are extending our reach to South Dallas, but the mission remains the same. This North Texas Giving Day is an 18-hour opportunity to show your generosity and support of our children. Here are three tangible ways you can support a child on September 19th!

1. Give them a mentor. 

$150/month enables a child to have a one-on-one mentoring relationship with an older, Christian adult!

2. Provide additional discipleship to high school leaders. 

$250 provides a month of small group discipleship for over 40 high school students!

3. Let them play sports.

$300 provides 2 seasons of soccer or baseball, plus a safe and top-notch place to play, to an athlete!

We hope you will join us on North Texas Giving Day, September 19th, in building mutually-transforming relationships with young people in West and South Dallas. Thank you in advance for your support.

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