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The Mid-Autumn Festival, a timeless tradition dating back thousands of years across Asian countries and China, coincides with the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, typically occurring in September. It serves as a powerful magnet, drawing Chinese families together under the mesmerizing moonlight. Among the festival's many legends, the tale of Chang'e stands out, with her journey to the moon, accompanied by a white rabbit and a laurel tree.

The Asian Cultural and Education Society USA (ACAESUSA) dedicated volunteers preserve and celebrate this cherished tradition. They extend their love to Chinese Americans and students, enabling them to partake in the Mid-Autumn Festival, a significant event in the lunar calendar. This festival, with centuries of history, has evolved into a contemporary symbol of familial unity, marked by mooncake exchanges and collective moon-gazing, symbolizing happiness and prosperity.

Mooncakes, the festival's highlight, are round pastries filled with delightful ingredients, embodying the essence of reuniting, sharing, and creating cherished memories with loved ones. Our committed volunteers, along with enthusiastic youth committee members, procure mooncakes, delectable food, and beverages to distribute generously to families and schools, nurturing a sense of community and unity.

We appreciate our youth volunteers for helping with the celebration: Ethan Li, Howard Li, Grace Wang, Eric Wang, Joseph Wang, Jessica Wu, Amy Xu, Andy Xu,Jake Ho, Jayson Ho and Her Man Cheung. “the Asian Cultural and Education Society USA extends warm wishes to your family. May your home be filled with mooncakes, and may your reunion be filled with happiness and tranquility. In this celebration that transcends generations and continents, we find unity, and through shared traditions, we discover the essence of community.” By the President of ACAESUSA Jan Xie. 

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