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ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day 

On November 12, loud gongs and drums, a lively lion dance performance, and a rousing national anthem filled the air. The Asian Cultural and Educational Society USA (ACAESUSA) hosted "ACAESUSA Mental Health Day" at the Dallas Chinese Event Center. Mayor Richardson BOB proclaimed November 12, 2023, as ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day. Dignitaries and experts from the region gathered with the Dallas Chinese community for an unforgettable commemoration of ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day.

The celebratory event had two parts. Our fantastic emcees for the event are Jessica Wu, Eric Wang, and Amy Xu. The first part focused on local health matters and was hosted by ACAESUSA, with supporting organizations including Richardson City Council, Dallas City Council, UCA, UCA-DFW team, USSDFA, USSDFA-DFW, GAHD, and DCAA, for their joint efforts to address the issue of mental health among Asians. Professionals such as Kimberly Richards, Hao Zheng, and Ally Wang provided insights on addressing current mental health challenges affecting children and parents.


The second part concentrated on national health matters and was hosted by ACAESUSA in partnership with UCA WAVES. Lily Chen, the director of the United Chinese Americans UCA WAVES Youth Mental Health Collaborative, presented a powerful Big Idea Talk on breaking the silences surrounding mental illness and suicide within the Asian American community.

The event was made possible thanks to the support of Texas State Rep. Matt Shaheen, District 66, Texas State Rep. Carl O. Sherman, Sr., District 109, and thanks to Cindy Tsai, interim President Committee of 100, Haipei Shue, President of UCA, Wang Huang, Board Chair of UCA, Jinli, President of GAHD, and Lizhi Wang, President of USSDFA.

Mrs. Jan Xie, President of the Asian Cultural and Educational Association, expressed gratitude, saying, "Thank you all for your support and love for each other. A few weeks ago, a Chinese American friend of mine, Denial, passed away suddenly and alone in his home, and a few years ago his son, who was a college graduate student, committed suicide. In order to avoid a repeat of this tragedy, let's all join hands and emphasize that mental health matters."

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