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Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Council Chen-yuan Tung on March 22 in Houston Chinese Cultural and Educational Services Center, presented the Fu Mo Sha Overseas Chinese Affairs Professional Medal to Overseas Chinese Affairs Advisory Board member Mu Chenghua, thanking him for his long service in the overseas Chinese community, and the promotion of Chinese language education. (Click here for more pictures)


Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston Director Luo Fuwen, Houston Cultural Education Center Director Chen Yifang and Deputy Director Huang Yili and more than 50, from Houston and Dallas, friends and family from all walks of life in the field. Chen-yuan Tung said in his speech, Mu Chenghua in Dallas to promote overseas Chinese affairs and overseas Chinese education work for 50 years, making a lot of contributions, serving the overseas Chinese community during the establishment of the Dallas Chinese Activities Center and Chinese School, for the unity of overseas Chinese community. He stressed that he was very happy to present the medal to Houston as a congratulatory gift on Mr.Mu’s 80th birthday, and hoped that Mu would continue to carry forward his legacy; this year coincides with the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, and congratulated the Commission on its happy birthday. Meng Min kuan shared Mu Chenghua’s story, that he has dedicated his life to the development of traditional culture, served as the principal and chairman of the board of directors of the Hua Xing Chinese School, continued efforts to promote the work of overseas Chinese and heritage education work, dedication to the spirit of admiration, thank him for his own carry and cultivation.

He has also founded the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Dallas Chinese Activities Center, the Chinese Voters Association, and assisted in the establishment of the Glorious Society, the Double Ten National Day Preparatory Committee, the Chinese Association of Societies, the Blue Sky Golf Club, the Dallas Sun Yat-sen Academic Research Association, Mu has organized three Miss Chinatown pageants, served as he has hosted countless National Day dinners and received countless political and business officials and leaders from all over the world.
Mr. Vincent Hsiao, the outgoing Vice President, was visiting Dallas as the Director of the Bureau of International Trade when he caught a bad cold and was not allowed to move around in the hotel. 
In that year, the chairman of the board of directors of Hua Xing Nursery School, Jonah Koo, went to Dallas to attend the International Women’s Conference. Perhaps due to her diet, she suffered from diarrhea and had to be sent to Dallas Hospital. When she was admitted to the hospital, she found an Oriental-faced doctor who was with her from beginning to end, and was always there to help with her care. Why do you care so much about a person you don’t know? Mr. Mu said, “Chairman, I am not a resident, I am an alumnus of Huaxing and I have been nurtured by Huaxing.“ 

Director Yang Jin-Tian, who worked at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston, was going back to Houston for a meeting after attending Eddie Bernice Johnson’s re-election celebration dinner in Dallas. By the time Commissioner Mu was ready to drive Director Yang to the airport, his legs were too sore to step on the brakes. 
When Mu accompanied Mayor Steve Bartlett of Dallas and Congressman Eddie Bernice Johnson to Taiwan to meet President Ma, he made warm arrangements along the way and did a beautiful job of national diplomacy.
Mr.Mu of this life, in his back silently support his people, is Mu’s wife – Ms. Luo Fenglan, this year is also their 50th wedding anniversary of the golden wedding joy.

Mu expressed his sincere gratitude for the medal, and said that he grew up in Hua Xing Nursery since childhood, and was deeply concerned by the country’s support and care for the community, and that it was his duty to give back to the overseas Chinese community. After returning to the U.S., he and his friends set up the Chinese School, which has grown from 92 students to more than 1,400 students. For the overseas Chinese community he is very grateful, and hope that overseas Chinese community in the leadership of Tong Chun-yuan more prosperous and strong. 

In the evening after the award ceremony,  American First National Bank Chairman Wu Wenlong specially set up a seafood banquet to entertain everyone. Toasting and celebrating, we spent a happy evening.

The next morning, Mr. Chen-yuan Tung had a talk with the overseas leaders of the Dallas Chinese American community.

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