Jan Xie

AAUC nonprofit leadership training successfully finished in Las Vegas on 03/13/2022?The attendees learned how to navigate uncertainties, master the technical aspects of leadership, and accelerate theirr leadership skills . Everyone benefited from the training and is now ready to take their organization to the next level. This training was given by Mary Gladstone-Highland, CEO of the Spark Group, who has given the same accredited course online. This training is jam-packed with tips and gives the participants an opportunity to collaborate with a cohort of diverse peers. President of AAUC, Dr.Lo appreciates everybody who attended this training.

People in the pictures: AAUC Board members, that include AAUC President Dr. Sk.Lo. APAPA representative Marsha Golangco, HAF representative Rajeev Singh, GOPIO Thomas Abraham, New Portland Foundation Jack Hanna, South Asian Women’s Network Angela Anand. Munsup Seoh, Raman Velji, Mie Mie Joe Strickler. ACAESUSA and OCA-DFW president Jan Xie. 

Also in the pictures that are CLUSA chairman Sandy Chau, CLUSA President Andy Li and CLUSA Executive Director Anthony Ng , AAUC administrative Assistant Rashmi Kumari. Mary Gladstone-Highland, Viresh, Yen Marshall and DingDing TV Sandy Wang. 

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After the meeting, Sandy Chau invite the attendees to have a nice tour and dinner at Jasmine filled with beautiful flowers gardens, music performances, a waterfall. And Cantonese cuisine. Everyone had a great time there. 

The next training will be at Las Vegas in October this year. Let us all band together and serve our AAPI community.

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