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What do you get when you cross synth pop and spooky? You get the band Halloween Party, based out of Austin. This talented duo has been making a name for themselves in the Land of the Weird, and they are playing their first Dallas gig this Friday, February 7th at Double Wide in Deep Ellum.

So what exactly is their sound? Lead singer, Jeb Bunting, and guitarist, Alden Sayre, were once Park Cities locals playing original pop-rock tunes in Deep Ellum when they were in high school. Both went separate ways to pursue music and careers, but they always talked about making music like no one has really heard before. Reuniting in 2019, they've found a more artistic approach and started a new genre called 'spook pop'. Their modern-80s synth and electric guitar combinations are as original as they are appealing. With a macabre twist in both lyrics and sounds, they still manage to be upbeat, making the audience dance and sing along. Halloween Party is all year long with these skillful musicians who are often in costumes with a montage of classic horror clips in the background.

Catch their spooky Dallas debut at 10 p.m. this Friday, February 7th, as they open for HYLAND at Double Wide, 3510 Commerce Street, Deep Ellum. Tickets available on

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