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Adrienne LaCava, Readers' Favorite Finalist

Three DFW authors will attend the Readers’ Favorite Awards in Miami, Florida to receive recognition for their novels. Competitors for The Readers Favorite Book Awards include New York Times Best-Selling authors and celebrities, like comedian Jim Carey and actor/directors Henry Winkler, Eriq La Salle, and Paul Michael Glaser.

The Fairies of Turtle Creek, a debut novel by Jill K. Sayre, has won a Silver Medal in the category of Children’s Fantasy Fiction. A chapter book for readers age 10 and up, the story takes place in Highland Park, Texas and is about a rational eighth grader who believes science can prove the existence of everything. But her scientific world is flipped around when her estranged grandmother comes to live with her and begins telling about the family’s history, with twists of the supernatural and whimsical. The teen’s beliefs are challenged, and the possibility that fairies actually exist helps her build hope about the safety of her brother fighting in the Iraq War. "It will make even the most skeptical among us believe in the seemingly impossible." The Fairies of Turtle Creek is also a USA and International Best Book Awards Finalist. Visit to learn more about the book and upcoming author events.

Kelly K. Lavender’s novel, Beautiful Evil Winter, is a Russian action thriller about a hellish international adoption and earned status as a Multi-Award-Winning novel with 7 honors. The story takes place in the 1990s after the fall of the USSR, a time reminiscent of the unforgiving gun slinging days of the frontier west. Making matters worse, an inexperienced untrained adoption coordinator orchestrates the effort to complete the task while keeping the Americans safe. Unwittingly, the couple stumbles into the crosshairs of the Mafia, putting their dreams and lives in peril. This book has earned accolades as a Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Finalist in the categories of Suspense, Thriller, and Romance Sizzle.  The Eric Hoffer Book Awards honored Beautiful Evil Winter by placing it in the Winners’ Circle for Commercial Fiction. See for more information.

Described as "Gripping suspense…a very entertaining yarn by an amazing first novelist", Adrienne LaCava’s debut novel, No One Can Know, placed as a Finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Awards for Thriller. Gabriel Haines is a CIA operative on leave, a part-time ranch hand, and coincidental bystander at Dealy Plaza in Dallas, on November 22, 1963. After JFK’s murder, people with particular knowledge are dying, and promising evidence is vanishing before significance is grasped. A family gets drawn into that dark business, and a weekend at their ranch in central Texas turns deadly. “Smitten with the sixties”, the author has interlaced her story with five years of research on the underlying historical topics. No One Can Know was also a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards. Go to for details, reviews, and to learn about her next novel, Dream Weaver.

Readers’ Favorite ( has detailed reviews in all genres. Each page features a review of premium books (4 and 5 stars) by a regular reader like yourself, with information about the author, from their picture and biography, to links to their social media sites, and even to contact the author directly. You can also use the purchase link to buy the book. All three of these honored authors’ books can be found and purchased from, as well as other sites, in many formats.

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