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We all know Santa’s coming, and miraculously he’ll be coming down the chimney … so be sure to keep that chimney shoot open! And although it is a bit less glamorous -- since nothing as magical as Ole Saint Nick is expected to be coming and going from your kitchen sink -- you certainly want to keep the kitchen drain clean and clear.

Most holiday meals entail numerous cooks in the kitchen and lots of kiddos coming and going. The opportunities for grease and other food-related items that are not fit for the disposal or the drain to mistakenly find their way there anyway are high. When preparing meals and doing dishes, keep a “grease container” in the kitchen sink or on the kitchen counter (large coffee tin or plastic container) so anyone who is in the kitchen will have access to easy disposal for grease, oils, salad dressing, etc. You might want to place a label on the container for added effect.

If you do find yourself in a plumbing emergency, do not hesitate to call Hooper Plumbing & Air at (214) 363-2543. Our technicians will be around throughout the holidays. Now, if Santa gets stuck in the chimney … well, you’re on you own!

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