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Natural gas is an efficient and natural way to heat and power your home, but when burning is incomplete in your heater, furnace, stove, or other household gas appliances, it becomes carbon monoxide (CO) — an odorless, colorless, tasteless, and deadly poisonous gas if breathed for a few minutes.

The predicament occurs when there is a leak in the natural gas coming into the house or if there is too much CO built up in the home — caused by a lack of proper ventilation.

Symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to food poisoning and the flu; confusion, headaches, dizziness, vomiting or faintness are all signs of exposure to carbon monoxide. If you have these symptoms and suspect CO poisoning — especially if more than one person in the house comes down with these symptoms suddenly — vent your house and find an emergency room immediately. Let the doctors know you suspect CO poisoning.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, do not run your car, lawnmower, chainsaws or other gas powered engines inside a closed space or garage, don’t use charcoal grills indoors, and don’t sleep in a room with a gas or kerosene space heater, as all of these devices emit carbon monoxide.

The professionals at Hooper Plumbing and Air Conditioning in the Park Cities recommend several ways to help you prevent natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. 

  1. Installing a carbon monoxide detector should be your first line of defense. Detectors can be found at the local hardware store and easily installed, just like a smoke detector, but are specifically designed to detect dangerous levels of CO. (Carbon monoxide detectors are NOT replacements for smoke detectors, but there are some models on the market that serve a dual purpose.) 

  2. Hooper Plumbing offers preventative maintenance and inspections for all of your gas appliances and lines. They can test for leaks and detect problems before they become deadly complications. 

  3. While natural disasters can’t be prevented, Hooper Plumbing offers a Natural Disaster Safety Valve, a device that connects to the gas lines going into your home and can shut off gas if lines become broken or damaged. 

For more information on natural gas and carbon monoxide detection please visit or call Hooper Plumbing at 214-306-8020. 

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