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    We get many calls about tankless water heaters and have installed quite a few. Deciding to go tankless is more complicated than most people realize. Upgrades have to be done to the gas and water lines and the vent stack though the roof has to be changed. Tankless heaters flow less water than a conventional tank water heater. This flow reduction can be minimal to significant, depending on the heater. Also, the gas savings is very minimal. The cost of a conventional tank water heater runs between $950 and $1800, installed depending on the size and model. The advantage to a tankless has on a conventional heater, is the rate at which it can deliver hot water. In my professional opinion, the main reason you should decide to go tankless, is if sized properly, a tankless should give you an endless supply of hot water no matter how high the demand. We recommend Bradford White Tank water heaters and Noritz tankless water heaters. We give free estimates to anyone needing advice on which way to go. Just call us at Hooper Plumbing and Airconditioning at (214)363-2543.

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