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If you wake up in the morning and dread pulling your cozy, warm feet out from under the covers in anticipation of those cold hardwood floors, you can only imagine how cold the pipes under your home must get. Although the weather warms up to a gorgeous 65 degrees during the day, it dips into the low 30s at night. Pretty soon, we will be experiencing freezes typical to Februarys in Texas. Don’t wait for an emergency to call the plumber!

3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Plumbing in Tip-Top Shape

  • Kitchen & Bath: Plumbing for kitchen and bathroom sinks often include pipes near an exterior un-insulated wall, which causes problems during freezing temperatures. Prevent your pipes from freezing by simply opening cabinet doors below the sink to allow warm air to circulate. 
  • Exposed Piping: Insulate any piping that is exposed. While you can contact a plumber to assist with this task, a simple do-it-yourself solution is to wrap the pipes with cloth, use foam insulation material around the cloth and duct tape it securely together. 
  • Exterior Faucets: Also known as sill-cocks and/or spigots, faucets are often left untreated and filled with water during the winter months. This simple oversight can lead to very costly repairs and is easy to avoid. Drain the water out of all your outdoor faucets and cover them with insulation. If you have a vacation home, you will want to turn the water supply off completely and drain all the plumbing. 

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