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Are you feeling the heat yet? Summer is here and between the boiling sun and the rising humidity we all will be cranking our air conditioners day and night. Hooper Plumbing & Air Conditioning wants to remind you that this is the time to get you’re A/C units checked and/or replaced before the big heat wave arrives.

Here are a few tips to keep your home cool in the summer without breaking the bank.

  • Set your air conditioner for between 76 and 78 degrees, especially when you are not home.
  • Maintenance of your air conditioner will ensure that your unit will work properly and efficiently.
  • Use your ceiling fans! Air circulation will keep your home and yourself feeling cooler.
  • Remember to keep all doors closed to seal in the cooler air.
  • Use shades/blinds to keep the heat out by not letting the sunlight shine through your home.

Call Hooper Plumbing & Air Conditioning to make sure you’re A/C is prepared for the summer months.

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