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7/5/2011 Better Trust Your Dentist Before You Open Wide
Dear Neighbor, I’ve been practicing dentistry for the past seven years. I spent the first couple years out of dental school working with a dentist in Garland,...
BubbleLife Staff
5/13/2011 Why Are Regular Dental Cleanings Important?
Written by Karli Bock, RDH For most people, when we think of dentistry, prevention is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, preventive care...
BubbleLife Staff
4/8/2011 Why are your child's baby teeth important?
Dear Neighbors, Some of you may ask… Why should we worry about cavities in baby teeth when these teeth will be replaced by permanent ones later? The answer...
BubbleLife Staff
3/18/2011 Introducing Highland Park Dental
We would like to welcome Highland Park Dental to Park Cities BubbleLife! You may have seen their sign as they are located next to Starbucks in Snider Plaza....
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