Dear Neighborhood,

It’s the end of your cleaning appointment. X- Rays are completed. The cleaning is almost finished.  The visit is almost over.  You wonder, are there any cavities?  Are there major problems?  What’s the doctor going to say?  The nervous feeling starts in the pit of your stomach.

This is how patients typically think. Well guess what, it’s also what is going through the mind of your dentist! We are completely aware and understand dental anxiety. The fear of the unknown is out there.

Dr. Harrington and I would love nothing more than to tell every patient that walks through that door, “Everything looks great! You have perfect teeth and always will.”

But unfortunately this is not the case for all or even most. There are usually a wide variety of issues that can surface at your regular visits. Small cavities, fractures, gum disease, gum recession, old dental work failing or any number of issues. Even the patients that have never had a cavity, sometimes actually get a cavity. 

It's an art to be able to tell a patient when we see something that concerns us.  We have a list of questions that go through our mind as well.  How are they going to act when I tell them they have a cavity?  Are they going to be upset, angry, and nervous, accept it, or storm out! Are they going to believe me? Are they going to be suspicious when I say there is a crack in a tooth and needs a crown?

There are all kinds of dental practice management firms that are hired by dental offices to help you learn how to address these issues with patients.  There are so many philosophies on how patients supposedly like to be approached.

How do you want to be approached? Everyone is different and we want to be providing exactly what our patients want.  So please email us at with your thoughts.  Help us help you!


Dr. Aaron Jones, DDS

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