The majority of patients visiting a dental office are in search of a brighter, cleaner smile. While brushing and flossing each day certainly help your pearly white teeth, you sometimes need an extra helping hand to make a lasting difference. Thankfully, the world of dental technology is advancing quite rapidly. New advances in laser technology allow experienced dental professionals the chance to whiten and brighten your smile. 

TouchWhite Tooth Whitening

TouchWhite Tooth Whitening is a unique and new method to erase dental stains once and for all. The laser technology is fast and efficient. Gone are the days of harsh bleaching techniques that may take months to fully complete and offer noticeable results. Now, TouchWhite Tooth Whitening treatment uses a gentle, yet extremely powerful laser to treat just the exterior of the tooth.

The laser will effectively whiten your teeth without damaging any of the roots or gums of the mouth.

The Benefits of Whiter Teeth

Everybody loves the idea of a whiter smile. Over time, diet and oral habits may discolor the teeth. Through TouchWhite Tooth Whitening, laser technology will erase unwanted marks and discoloration. Besides clean teeth, a white smile has other benefits, too. These advantages include:

  • Confidence – Whitening your teeth will produce immediate changes to your appearance and overall attitude. If you’re less worried about your smile, you will find yourself more confident.
  • Social – With a brighter smile, people tend to show off their teeth more with a big grin. They talk more and hold conversations better. Studies show that smiling more actually makes us happier!
  • Oral Health – This one may be more obvious, but with fresh teeth, you will notice a healthier mouth overall.

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