Braces are used to adjust an array of dental issues, which can consist of uneven tooth alignment or distended teeth (teeth that cross over one another). Some children require braces simply to help align their teeth and correct their bite.

Many children, when chewing or biting, experience a crooked bite, which is what causes jaw, mouth and/or gum pain. If the misalignment is ignored (or not diagnosed early on), the issues continue when the second teeth come in and will not resolve on their own.

The Facts About Braces

  • Current technological advancements have developed; braces are not just made of metals nowadays. Children can have colorful dental work or even invisible ones to help correct crooked teeth and misaligned bites.
  • Typically, braces are worn for a period of one to three years.
  • The current price ranges for braces are between $3,000.00 and $6000.00. The cost depends on the child and parent, what the dentist or orthodontic needs are and what parents can afford.

Whether now is the best time to start braces depends on your child’s visit to the orthodontist or dentist. Your child’s needs, how much they are suffering, whether their second teeth have developed completely and so forth are some of the determining factors.

If it comes down to finances, many dental and orthodontic offices offer payment arrangements for parents. Braces, for many parents and children, have been great investments for their future.

It is important to take your child for dental checkups regularly and if there are any issues with incorrect bite, crooked teeth, bunched teeth or additional troubles, it is vital to obtain early diagnosis and treatment. If parents wait too long, they might find out that adjustments and/or correcting dental problems might be additionally challenging later, and possibly more costly.

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