More than half of children ages 5-9 have had at least one cavity or filling, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s crucial to start good oral hygiene habits at an early age. A healthy mouth is important to your child’s overall well-being. Below are some reasons I’ve heard from parents as to why they haven’t taken their young ones to the dentist.

I don’t know even know when to start taking my child to the dentist…

Parents are encouraged to bring their child to the dentist within the first six months of teeth erupting.  This is typically by the end of the first year.  Much like the pediatrician well visits, these first pediatric dentist appointments at Highland Park Dental are to develop a rapport with the child, as well as evaluate growth, development and of course…check for cavities.

Aren’t they just baby teeth?

They are baby teeth and they are so important.  They are important for speech, eating and holding the proper amount of space for adult teeth to come through.  Not to mention the potential pain and discomfort from dental infections.  Did you know that cavities are the most prevalent disease condition in America now?  Yeah five times more common than asthma, and a possible contributor to asthma.  Our mouth is a Window to the Body™…and we want to keep that window clean!

I am so afraid of how my child will act…

We love the challenge that comes with each and every child.  Some children jump right into the dental appointment, while some children prefer more encouragement.  This is about developing the trust of a young person towards a profession and way of life, good oral health.  At Highland Park Dental, you will be amazed at how much your child means to us. 

What are you waiting for?  Check our website!  Ask around!  We are the best!

- Dr. H

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