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Some of you may ask…Why should we worry about cavities in baby teeth when these teeth will be replaced by permanent ones later? The answer is that baby teeth serve important functions and neglecting these teeth can cause severe problems. Consequently, it is important to make sure that even these "temporary" baby teeth remain healthy and cavity free.

I recommend wholeheartedly that you and your children strive for great oral health. Oral health, good or bad, has lasting effects. However, unlike so many other conditions in healthcare, we can actually prevent, to a large degree, the bad effects of poor oral health. It is important to take care of “baby” or primary teeth because they play a crucial role in: 

  • Chewing
  • Speaking and speech development
  • Jaw development
  • Self-Esteem

The key is to start early and make our children aware of how important it is to have GREAT ORAL HEALTH!!! Some reasons why you should pay attention to your child’s baby teeth are: 

  1. Healthy baby teeth are crucial in helping your child learn how to speak properly.
  2. Baby teeth hold space for permanent teeth.  These “spacers” maintain the proper spacing and alignment so that permanent teeth have enough room to come in.  If these permanent teeth develop in a mouth that is unhealthy, they are likely to become decayed as well.  
  3. There are numerous studies that directly link the decay or “number of cavities” a child may have to other health problems.  Taking care of your baby teeth is just as important as proper nutrition and feeding.
  4. Healthy, nice looking teeth are important in building self-confidence and self-esteem. This is especially important at such an early age. 

It is important to remember that proper care of baby teeth is not only important now, but for the future as well.  Early dental care gets a child accustomed to a clean cavity free mouth, while poor dental care can easily lead to childhood gum disease. 

When it comes down to it, it is never too early to start paying attention to oral health care. 


Dr. Erik Harrington



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