The words "Department of Public Safety" used to send shivers down my spine.  Years ago, with one of my children who was trying to get his driver’s permit, we spent 5 hours at the DPS office waiting for him to take a written test for his driver’s permit, only to have a very aggressive woman officer “suggest” I was not telling the truth about the length of our experience.  I had also heard horror stories from friends where clerks dissected the documents that they were using to prove residency (and they were residents!) only to send them home for more documentation. So when it was time for my daughter’s driving test, I was nervous. She had done “Parent Taught Driver’s Ed” which requires a multitude of paperwork and logs.  I spent much of the morning making sure that I had every possible piece of paper that I could need. When we arrived at our appointed time (early actually), we were greeted by a friendly woman who treated us kindly and warmly--she even gave my daughter helpful advice before my daughter began the actual driving test. Kindness--it goes a long way. Did the requirements change? No. Did the attendant waive something that needed to happen? No. Did she change our experience solely by being kind? YES! How about you? This kind woman changed not only OUR experience, she changed the whole face of the DPS for me. So I ask myself, what can I change by just being kind? In caring for your parent, are you kind to others? What about being kind to the clerks or medical assistants when you are pressed for time? Are you kind to others when you are stressed about situations? Are you kind to others when your waiting is longer than expected? Kindness is not something that you can muster up--at least not much or for very long. Kindness is not a random act as we often hear--it is very intentional. Kindness is considering others ahead of ourselves. It is an overflow from something deep inside, a desire to honor others above myself. It is having enough margin in my schedule to allow for inconveniences and interruptions.  It is acknowledging my own desire to be treated well and thereby starting to do it for others. I want to be like the lady at the DPS-I want to love and serve others WELL no matter what I am called to do. She made a difference from her desk there that day-I want to do the same!

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