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Blushington is pleased to announce that products from Sara Happ, better known as The Lip Expert, are now available in all locations. Happ created her signature lip scrub in her kitchen after she grew tired of using toothbrushes and wet towels. She had a scrub for pretty much every other part of her body, so why shouldn't she have one for her lips? Like any true girlboss, she turned a great idea into an empire. Her brand doesn't test on animals, is paraben free and uses only the highest grade of essential oils. Their packaging is eco-friendly and products are manufactured in the USA.

Sara Happ offers 3 products to exfoliate, hydrate and add color to your lips.

Step 1: The Lip Scrub to Exfoliate ($22)
The first step to a perfect pout is to prep lips with The Lip Scrub™. Happ's blend of sugar and food-grade essential oils create the perfect formula for a baby smooth pout. Massage The Lip Scrub onto lips using a firm, circular motion for 30 seconds. Eliminates dry, flaky skin, leaving lips ridiculously soft and supple. Wipe away with an Honest Beauty Wipe, tissue or washcloth.

Step 2: The Lip Slip to Restore ($24)
Happ has harnessed the power of detoxifying Bentonite Clay and combined it with self-regenerative stem cell technology of Swertiamarin, sourced from the Himalayas to make the first ever
hydrating Clay Lip Mask! It restores, soothes, hydrates and detoxifies your skin resulting in moisturized skin, a firmer pout, and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Slather on The Sweet Clay Lip Mask like frosting and luxuriate in this pink, goopy goodness. It’s a mask, not a lip gloss ... don’t be shy! Leave it on for 2 minutes or more. Wipe away using an Honest Beauty Wipe, warm washcloth or tissue.

Step 3: The Lip Mask to Hydrate ($32)Your lips lack oil glands. The Lip Slip® hydrates without the drying ingredients found in most lip products and brings your skin’s natural color to life. Slather it on like cashmere and for the richest, glossiest hydration imaginable.

Blushington is located the The Shops of Highland Park, 4218 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219, (214)
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