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Robin LeoGrande, CPSH President
For about 40 years the most common housing option available to people with intellectual developmental disabilities have been homes operated by state governments.  These homes are segregated—managed by service providers with only people with disabilities living in them. Research confirms that, in general, adults with disabilities living in their own homes, with appropriate supports, are less lonely, healthier, financially better off, and more satisfied with their lives, than continuing to live dependent on family, or in State-operated institutions or group homes. COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTED HOUSING (CPSH) is a Texas charity with a unique focus on independent, affordable housing for adults with disabilities. In 2011 CPSH encouraged adults with disabilities and their families to consider community-based housing options in their local communities as an alternative to segregated housing.  In 2015 they began working with local housing authorities to access HUD Vouchers specifically for people with disabilities.
As the years have passed, affordable housing isn't readily available in North Texas for all who need it..  For example, there are at least 102,000 citizens in the DFW area receiving Supplemental Security Income ($794 per month). Many others have low and very low income and need affordable housing.  Not only do we need workforce housing, we also need affordable, mixed-income housing in North Texas. The economic climate is ripe for investing in affordable and workforce residential options.  Socially responsible housing, supported by investments from public-private partnerships, can meet societal and business goals, providing ROI. 
If you are a developer or investor in housing, we encourage you to consider building social value into real estate investments so they are equitable for citizens including those below 50% of the AMI. More affordable housing options are needed so they can reach their highest abilities, and in return prosperity and peace will be abundant.
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