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Edo Popken, James Rizzi JMR

Designer Edo Popken and Artist JM Rizzi in collaboration with WAAS Gallery hosted ART + FASHION on Thursday, March 5th from 6pm-9pm at

WAAS Gallery (2722 Logan Street, Dallas, TX 75215). 

Designer Edo Popken and Artist JM Rizzi revealed their ART + FASHION collaboration with a limited edition puffer vest featuring the JMR Piece Out Collection.

The JMR Piece Out Collection is currently on display at WAAS Gallery until March 14th. 

Seen in the crowd: Designer Edo Popken, Artist James Rizzi, Brandy Adams, Jim Duran, Devin Ellis, Colton HightowerEkaterina Kouznetsova and Michael Dylan. 

Photos by Jackquelyn Brown. 




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