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A newly formed non-profit, My Breast Choice, Inc., aims to help women be fully informed when diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  The website,, guides women through an analysis of their necessary choices in a simplistic way, so they can choose the right surgical path for their situation.  The goal is for women to be aware of the most progressive surgical alternatives Western medicine has to offer.  

"Many times breast cancer patients are presented with only some of the surgical options that are available today" said Dr. Nicholas Haddock, plastic surgeon at UT Southwestern. "Great strides are being made to make natural tissue reconstruction available to more and more women.  It's best to make a fully-informed decision."  

My Breast Choice, Inc. doesn't stop there.  As women progress down their chosen path, they are encouraged to embrace Eastern medicine, such as acupuncture, to help reduce the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  In addition, holistic approaches are encouraged to help alleviate scar tissue, lymph edema, fear and other sources of discomfort for women.  

"Our goal is to provide women a simple presentation of information to help them make decisions at a difficult time in their lives" said Diane Taheri, President and Founder of My Breast Choice, Inc.  "By utilizing the tools we have collected here, women should not have to choose from a menu of options that is partially redacted. In addition, the alternative methods we present help to alleviate side effects and thus, make the journey easier."  

 More and more women are being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and approximately two-thirds of all cases are caught early.  This is due to increased awareness and diligence in regular screening.  My Breast Choice, Inc. focuses on what to do once there is a confirmed diagnosis.  This information is also useful for those choosing prophylactic mastectomy for genetic reasons.    

No one should have to suffer more than absolutely necessary.  Everyone should feel in control of their decisions, choices and healing.  This impacts not only the cancer patient but also their loved ones.  

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