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Growing up Fashion Designer, Edo Popken has always had a passion for cars particularly the BMW brand and the M1 design. With an outstanding level of design knowledge combined with a deep sense for eco-friendly vehicles and ethical labor/workmanship, Mr. Popken has been chosen as one of the first of four BMW i8 Brand Ambassadors. 

As a brand ambassador, Mr. Popken received a 2016 protonic blue BMW i8 to drive for one year and chose the 2016 specs and features. His particular BMW i8 retails for $200, 000 US dollars (Swiss MSRP 180.000 CHF). The BMW i8 models are built using the same values as the Edo Popken of Switzerland men’s fashion collection as well as the Edo Popken champagne and cigar lines. 

With BMW driver’s training and race track experience, Designer Edo Popken will be driving his i8 throughout his European travels and promoting the BMW brand through 2016.

Edo Popken of Switzerland ProFashion Lofts are located at: 

Design District | 1523 Dragon Street | 214.749.0200

Zuerich, Ch Baerengasse 10, 8001 044.21.2508 

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