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Allison & Courtney-Gold pendant with rustic metal

Dallas’ City + Sky was featured on NBC's The Today Show's Next Big Thing on Tuesday, September 29th! Voting ends today at 5pm EST/4pm CST. 

Help them win and be featured on QVC on Saturday, October 3rd! 


About City + Sky

Since little girls, twin sisters Courtney Edwards and Allison Edwards never lost their love for fashion, accessorizing and dressing the part.

With age, a love for travel, the arts and enjoying the city life led them to pursue their creative talents and provide a showcase of things cherishable to them.

Beginning as a blog on December 31, 2009, Where Wear in the City ( came to life. Focusing online content about fashion, health, beauty, events, entertainment, culture and anything else they found favorable.  With years of both being best known as the “social chairs,” “event planners,” and “fashion go to girls,” they decided it was time to put their experiences into words and share to those who would read it.  Soon after, Where Wear in the City became a very popular website and is still going strong after 5 years.

With years of written endeavors under their belt, the sisters decided it was time to take their craft to the next level and create something visible, unique and ready to wear.

Enamored by the demure of cities and all that they entail, their love for the CITY was evident. They also wanted to represent something from the heart-promoting peace, happiness and a worldly view of the SKY above. Because where you came from and where you’re in life is all about embracing the then and the now.

Together with a vivid imagination, the will to infuse and inspire those, City + Sky arrived.

As our motto goes…..Live in the City Where the Sky is yours to Wear! To learn more visit

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