Stop by our new location at 3911 Oak Lawn! Introducing one of the largest collections of Oriental Rugs with cool colors and impeccable designs in Dallas. Carrying a gorgeous selection of Persian rugs, Moroccan rugs, new rugs and antique rugs, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find the perfect rug for nearly any room and any decor style. At Esmaili Rugs and Antiques, Inc., we understand everyone has their own preference from high pile to flat weave to bold colors and large graphic prints or clean and simple. Within each rug collection, you will find numerous options to choose from. We make it easy to find the style, size and design that suit your client's space and personality. View more of our Rugs on Sale!

Rug No.: 30241 03'09 X 05'10 Transitional Style 













Rug No.: 30287 04'03 X 05'11 Transitional

Rug No.: 51119 05'06 X 08'01 Kazak



Rug No.: 51165 03'11 X 07'07 Oushak


Rug No.: 51177 05'09 X 08'05 Oushak


Rug No.: 74432 04'03 X 05'05 Moroccan


Rug No.: 74817 04'04 X 08'07 Moroccan


Rug No.: 74797 05'02 X 07'09 Moroccan


Rug No.: 80101 09'03 X 12'05 Kilim


Rug No.: 30193 08'05 x 11'02 Kazak


Rug No.: 30275 06'00 X 08'09 Transitional


Welcome to the Antique Rug Gallery of Esmaili Rugs and Antiques, Inc. By traveling the world, browsing local street markets and establishing relationships with overseas rug makers, Mr. Ali Esmaili provides his customers with the most sought-after, hard-to-find antique rugs that exude exotic artistry, enthralling designs and remarkable shades of colors you never knew existed. Owning one of the most impressive antique rug collections in Dallas, TX as well as all of the southern U.S., we warmly invite you to explore the fascinating, beautiful world of handmade antique rugs ready to grace homes, commercial buildings and hospitality facilities. From traditional to contemporary and transitional to Mid-Century Modern, our rug inventory provides fresh, colorful and fashionable options for nearly any design preference and budget. It's time you experience a new era in Oriental rugs! Our History At A Glance Ali Esmaili grew up in his family's Oriental rug store and became a key contributor right here in Dallas, Texas. He was destined to follow in his family's footsteps from one of the greatest generations, and as such would be the one building his family's legacy. - Contact at  
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