Tips for Buying Antique Rugs Online

Even if you’ve already purchased a couple antique rugs, there’s still a lot to learn about how to buy antique rugs online. Here is a sampling of frequently asked questions we receive from clients about buying an antique rug:

What is the difference between an “antique” rug and a “vintage” rug?

For a rug to be classified as an antique, it must have been made at least 80 years ago. Other items like paintings, sculptures, furniture and collectibles must be at least 100 years old to be considered antiques. Since rugs are typically walked on, it is expected that rugs suffer more wear and tear than other antique items. Consequently, an 80 to 100 year old rug in fair to good condition is indeed a rarity.

Are larger antique rugs always more expensive than smaller rugs from the same country and era?

Not necessarily. Condition of the rug, its origin and the number of similar rugs known to exist will affect its price more than its size or shape. In fact, a 5’ x 8’ antique rug sold for $10 million recently at Christie’s in London.

What does cash value, auction value, fair retail market value and replacement value mean when referring to antique rugs?

Cash value amounts indicate what the dealer would agree to pay for the rug today. An auction value is the amount an auction house would be willing to reserve the rug for (i.e., the minimum price a rug needs to be sold for before the auction house sells it). The fair retail market value is the price you would pay if you were to find that rug for sale in a store. Finally, replacement values are established for insurance purposes if your antique rug were to be lost or stolen.

When buying an antique rug, should I expect to pay extra to have it restored or repaired?

This is an entirely subjective decision that depends on the person buying the rug. However, certain repairs, such as frayed edges and worn spots, are necessary to keep the rug’s integrity intact. Professional antique rug collectors like Esmaili who personally selects rugs for inclusion in his inventory will make repairs essential to supporting the soundness and value of his rugs before selling them. 

Trust Esmaili Rugs & Antiques When Buying an Antique Rug Online

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