The Episcopal School of Dallas
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Kindergarten friends at The Episcopal School of Dallas were joined in the science lab by some special guests last week: a sophomore psychology class! Psychology students helped teach Kinder about science with several interactive experiments in the lab. Using different household materials like milk, soap, and baking soda, etc., students explored the effects of science on their five senses.

1. Baking soda & vinegar balloons- feels cold to touch and sounds fizzy like a soda

2. Ooblek- pink and blue non-Newtonian liquids that act like a solid when pressure is applied and a liquid when relaxed. Students loved playing with this slime-like experiment!

3. Water surface tension- How many drops can you fit on top of a penny and how many paper clips can you float? What about when there is soap? Students learned about how soap breaks the water tension and allows the water to spill over the sides. 

4. Alka Seltzer lava lamps- oil and water don’t mix because water is polar and oil is nonpolar. Students colored the water to see it better and added Alka Seltzer to see it bubble up like a lava lamp. 

5. Magic Milk- a plate of milk with some food coloring in the center. When you touch it with a soapy q-tip, the colors spread out like tie dye! 

"The sophomores did a great job teaching and interacting with the Kinder students," said Upper School chemistry teacher Anneke Albright. "Everyone had a lot of fun."

We love seeing Eagles of all ages getting to learn together!