The Episcopal School of Dallas
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The art of glassblowing is a unique and tedious craft. While you may be familiar with the work of Dallas-based artist Carlyn Ray, ESD alumni class of 2000 - who created the eagle wings sculpture that hangs in the entrance to ESD's Swann Center - did you know ESD has another up-and-coming glass artist? Jordan, class of 2027, started glassblowing after meeting Carlyn and attending a demonstration back in 2014. Since then, she has not only become her own artist but also started her own shop on Etsy to sell her work.

On her trips to the studio about twice a month, she loves working with dark blue because of how the color melts and stays malleable. Although she also enjoys making slug shapes - easy and fun to make - she’s also made a fountain and a solar system. It took about two months to make each piece. “Every time I go into the studio, I am learning and practicing new techniques to get better at my art. Even after six years of time and effort, there is still more to learn, but I love every second of it and am excited every time I step into the studio.”

Her Etsy account features all sorts of shapes, such as ornaments, business card holders, and more. “Starting a business takes a lot of work,” said Jordan ’27. “I have to think about what glass colors and what tools I need that will help me create the pieces in my mind. I am learning how far in advance I have to plan for holidays and events so my customers have enough time to buy the pieces they want and get them delivered.”

Check out Jordan’s website here. Keep up the good work, Eagle!