The Episcopal School of Dallas
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This year, The Episcopal School of Dallas had the honor of hosting the annual DFW Interscholastic Colloquium on campus Monday, February 3. This annual forum, now it its 7th year, is a celebration of literature, student expression, and cross-campus collaboration. Students in grades 9-12 from participating schools across the DFW metroplex were invited to join in reading and discussing the year’s chosen text, Counting Descent by Clint Smith.

“The goal was not only to collaborate across campuses, but also to challenge students and their teachers ‘to think even better’ than they had before,” explains ESD English Department Chair and member of the DFW Interscholastic Colloquium Team, Tolly Salz. “This year at the Colloquium, we explored and honored the words of Clint Smith, as well as the amazing students who have crafted thoughtful, original works of celebration.”

From all submitted student works, some were selected to participate and present at the Colloquium earlier this week. An impressive total of sixteen ESD students' submissions were accepted, in the form of poetry and film, for the 2020 DFW Interscholastic Colloquium. Congratulations to Eleanor Beck ’21 (poem), Stella Foreman ’21 (spoken word poetry), Jiaying Fu ’21 (spoken word poetry), Taylor Maris ’21 (film), Madison McCoy ’21 (poem), Susanna Newsom ’21 (poem), Penelope North ’21 (poem), Zaria Osimetha ’21 (film), Charlotte Podeszwa ’20 (poem), Liesl Small ’21 (poem), Anna Strohmeyer ’21 (poem), Emma Sucato ’21 (poem), Tamia Tolbert ’21 (film), Lauren Weber ’21 (poem), Sumner Wooldridge ’21 (poem), and Evelyn Zhao ’21 (poem).

Smith himself made an appearance during the Colloquium on Monday where he was the keynote speaker for the event and hosted a Q&A for students following his address.

“I admire so many teenagers today because for so many there is a desire to move towards openness and a desire move toward recognition that everyone experiences the world in ways that are reflective of their different identities,” said Smith.

The Colloquium team received an impressive variety of submissions for 2020 and enjoyed the rich and celebratory discussions that took place during this year’s event.


Clint Smith’s attributed quote was taken from an interview the author did with ESD student Lauren Weber '21 following his Q&A. Thank you to Miss Weber for sharing her interview with us.