The Episcopal School of Dallas
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On Thursday, January 16, 2020, Timothy Andrew Kennedy was ordained as an Episcopal priest at The Episcopal School of Dallas. 

“To witness someone we know so well celebrate this culminating event in their priestly journey is a rare and auspicious opportunity,” said David L. Baad, Hobson Family Head of School. “Chaplain Amy Heller and I feel very fortunate this year to have found a strong Episcopal Identity partner in Chaplain Tim Kennedy. His energy and enthusiasm for his educational and pastoral ministry have been boundless.”

Chaplain Kennedy joined ESD this fall while he was in the final stages of his priestly discernment, a process that takes many years and involves earning a Master of Divinity degree. He completed ordination requirements in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington DC under the direction of The Right Reverend Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of the Diocese of Washington, who ordained Chaplain Kennedy as a Transitional Deacon in June 2019. 

Many gathered in All Saints Chapel to celebrate his ordination, rich in tradition and significance. Highlights included Diocesan priests surrounding Chaplain Kennedy and laying hands on him during the prayer of consecration. His presenters were The Rev. Ken Brannon, The Rev. Amy Heller, Head of School Dave Baad, and Chaplain Kennedy’s sister, Amy Javadi. Tim’s parents, Clara and Thomas Kennedy, vested him in his stole and chasuble, signs of his priesthood. Members of the Middle and Upper School Choirs sang and members of the student vestry served as readers and acolytes. The Right Reverend George R. Sumner, Bishop of Dallas, graciously received Chaplain Kennedy in the Diocese of Dallas and—at Bishop Budde’s request—approved his priestly ordination at ESD at the hands of The Right Reverend James M. Stanton, Retired Bishop of Dallas, current ESD grandparent, and a frequent visitor to campus.

In addition to his current roles in our community, Chaplain Kennedy’s priestly vows allow him to also begin a sacramental ministry here at ESD celebrating Eucharist, pronouncing God's blessings, and declaring God's forgiveness.

A San Antonio native, Tim graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Religion from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. He holds a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University and a Master of Divinity from Yale University. He is currently a Doctor of Ministry candidate in Educational Leadership at the Virginia Theological Seminary. Before joining the Executive Office of the President of the United States as Director of Continuity Policy for the Homeland Security Council, Tim served as a special assistant to the Office of the Republican Leader and the Office of the Speaker of the House in the U.S. House of Representatives. Heeding his call from God to serve in ministry, including as a youth small-group leader, lay leader, and education chair throughout his time in Washington, D.C., Tim left his political career to pursue ordained ministry in The Episcopal Church.