The Episcopal School of Dallas
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Last year during plans of moving ESD's Lower School onto their main Merrell Road campus, three Student Advisory Councils were formed to envision what it would be like having all three divisions together. While most of the work focused on how to accommodate another division on campus, one council focused on how to connect the divisions with a new tradition. 

ESD’s traditions are integral to the community; ceremonies like Pass It On, uniting Middle and Upper School divisions, are key experiences in the ESD student’s life. As they welcomed the Lower School to this campus, these Advisory Councils brainstormed a new tradition that would encompass the same thought for rising Lower School students. 

Similar to seniors 'passing it on' to rising eighth-graders, each ninth-grade student will pin a fifth-grader in the new "Pin It On" tradition. “We considered the importance of the transition from lower to middle school and the new experiences and privileges that come with it," said Christian King '19, who played an instrumental role in moving this initiative forward. "We considered the meaning behind the importance of individual class unity and the camaraderie that matures as students grow. We considered the important significance of instilling in each student a sense of pride for their class and for their school. Most importantly, we considered what it means to share in the ESD identity.”

The pins fifth-graders received were designed by members of the ninth grade class last year. The design is specific to the Classes of 2023 and 2027, as it has both classes graduation years, and signifies a special link the classes will always share. The pin’s design is anchored by ESD’s shield and three crosses representing the original Founding Tenets.

“It is an exciting and special moment for these two classes and our school,” said Associate Head of School Ruth Burke. “Our hope is this special commemorative pin will be worn on students’ blazers from now through their graduation.”

Like Pass It On for rising eighth-graders and graduating seniors, ESD hopes that Pin It On will become a memorable and integral tradition to the students.