The Episcopal School of Dallas
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Seven members of The Episcopal School of Dallas' Class of 2019 and one member of the Class of 2018 returned to campus and hosted a discussion panel for current seniors earlier this month.

Sriya Dodda '19 (Columbia University), Mackenzie Fain-Parish '19 (University of Southern California), Mason Gosslee '19 (University of Texas), John Heldman '19 (Southern Methodist University), Hector Hernandez '18 (Texas A&M University), Allison Herring '19 (Texas A&M University), Christian King '19 (Furman University), and Christopher Talbot '19 (Sewanee: The University of the South) spoke to the students about their personal experiences post-graduation and during their first semester at college.

Check out the top five tips these students had for the Class of 2020!

USE YOUR ESD EDUCATION TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: “Classes I’ve taken my first semester in college are super similar to the AP classes I took at ESD. I’ve been able to use notes from my past ESD classes which has been super helpful.” -Mason

BE SOCIAL: “Everyone else there is looking to find friends too. Go to events and get involved; there are so many people you can meet. Even if you don’t end up becoming best friends, you can still meet a lot of really cool people.” -Allison

DONT LOSE FOCUS: “Maintain your study skills throughout the spring semester because I kind of let that drop-off and getting back into the habit of class and studying was harder than I thought it would be.” -John

DEALING WITH HOMESICKNESS: “Don’t feel bad for getting homesick. You’re allowed to miss home, especially if you’re going to college that is really different from ESD and Dallas. It gets a lot easier as you go on.” -Sriya

BALANCE IT OUT: “Keep a healthy balance between being social and actually studying. Being the life of the party can get really exhausting and your schoolwork can suffer as a result. You’re at school for an education and you’re gonna have plenty of opportunities for fun stuff down the line.” -Christopher

ESD Eagles in each graduating class attend a variety of universities and colleges across the country, and sometimes even across the world! Click here to see a map of where the Classes of 2016-2019 have matriculated.