The Episcopal School of Dallas
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Three freshman robotics students at The Episcopal School of Dallas have successfully designed and built a security robot for the ESD Campus Safety team.

Students Carter Bakewell '21, Tripp Benners '21, and Stella Foreman '21 began working on a robot that could be used effectively by our security officers on campus. After months of hard work, the students presented and demonstrated the robot's capabilities for Officer Trumble, ESD's Director of Campus Safety, along with Officers Mark Cruz and Christian Rodriguez last Friday.

"The demo went exceedingly well," Bakewell said. "We accomplished everything we wanted to, and then some, and it was an amazing hands-on experience."

Bakewell and his fellow robotics students confronted various challenges during the design process but were able to work together to problem solve in order to repair design flaws they encountered. The robot has the ability overcome hallway obstacles like books, backpacks, and furniture, can climb and maneuver 40-degree angles, and comes with a night vision-capable camera for security purposes. The students also worked with the technology department to wire the robot's camera to the ESD WiFi, allowing for excellent range.

"These three young students will be the core leadership for the robotics program for the next three years, and I look forward to working with them in the future," said ESD robotics and engineering teacher, Barton Burnett.

The robotics program will maintain the upkeep of the security robot and plans to keep evolving the robot with new abilities in the 2018-19 school year.

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