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29 total ESD students have completed and passed the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) General Industry Certification. These students completed this training in Principles of Engineering and Robotics classes.

While some high school students earn this certification, this test is primarily designed for college and working professionals. We are proud of our students' achievements as they compare to state and national scores. These scores are combined from high school, college, and adult grades:

ESD Students             State Average                         National Average

Pretest:                       68.66%                        56.48%                                   57.99%

Posttest:                      86.06%                        83.72%                                   83.9%

Percent Change:          17.4%                         27.24%                                   25.91%

In Texas, having an OSHA card benefits those working in any industry, from the medical field to theme parks, manual labor, and construction. Next spring semester, a new group of ESD Engineering students will be taking the ESA-1 Industrial Certification and we will see if we can beat last years 58% pass rate. Congratulations to these hard-working students!

The following students completed the OSHA General Industry Certification and were recognized at a special town hall meeting:

Aston, Owen '20

Bakewell, Carter '21

Bannister, Ford '21

Butler, Brooks '20

DeYoung, Mason '20

Gangasani, Meera '20

Hess, Christopher '21

Hieber, Aidan '20

Huggard, Reece '21

Jones, Briggs '20

Knight, Zander '21

Knodel, Sydney '22

Knudson, Grace '21

Kozelsky, Dane '19

Kozielec, Gabe '22

Krispin, Peter, '21

Lindsey, Sam '21

Lutz, Lilly '21

Morash, Jackson '22

Nuth, Ryan '20

Pfaff, Andre '21

Powell, Judah '21

Raza, Danyal '22

Robinson, Kai '22

Seymour, Garrett '20

Viquez, Emma '19

Wharton, James '22

Wood, Hollis '21

Wysk, Alexander '22

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