The Episcopal School of Dallas
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Ground Zero 360 honors the sacrifice of the victims and families of the 9/11 terror attacks. The traveling exhibition containing original works of art and 9/11 artifacts allows the spectator to step into the past and explore the startling aftermath of one of the most tragic events in American history. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks and the 10th anniversary of Ground Zero 360, this year’s exhibition includes interpretive artwork from over 50 world-renowned artists that explore their reactions to and experiences of the events of 9/11. 

ESD Upper School Film and Fine Arts Teacher Bobby Weiss was one of the 50 selected to show in the collaborative exhibit. "'Elephant Tracks’ represents a literal staging of those moments my senior year of high school, listening to the news reports the morning of 9/11, where sense and rationale must contend with the incomprehensible,” said Weiss. “Steel monuments to American ingenuity were forced to become symbols of warring ideologies, painted here as items that mimic real objects and yet remain unplaceable. The sharp angles create a tableau that these totems might forever reside within, cut from the cloth of time to become a shift in the culture. The elephant in the room can do nothing but cower and wait for time to reveal what truths were once hidden in plain sight.”

The Ground Zero 360 exhibition is one of four Remember 9/11 Exhibitions represented at the Museum of Biblical Art.