The Episcopal School of Dallas
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Bonjour! Last week, middle and upper school students at The Episcopal School of Dallas celebrated National French Week with a variety of fun (and educational) activities around campus. From French-themed food like crepes and pain au chocolat to playing petanque outside, students enjoyed a variety of learning opportunities.

Similar to last year, the French Department partnered with different departments on campus as well. Middle School Art Teacher Elizabeth Wilson joined middle school again to create a piece inspired by the Rwandan artists in students’ "EntreCultures" French book. In addition to their study of fine arts, students explored the culinary arts as well. SAGE catered a special cheese tasting, featuring French cheeses such as Brie, bleu, Boursin cheese, and chèvre, a goat cheese. Middle School French Teacher Joumana Arraj also held a small French brunch with croissants and crepes. 

Upper School French Club Co-Presidents Ruby Long '22 and Virginia Nussbaumer '22 spoke in daily worship, and Dalyan Prieto-Akmansoy '24 delivered the Lord's Prayer in French. Upper school also explored the French culinary arts with a fun crepes station in the Study Commons. Aside from these fun cultural activities, students also honed their language and history skills by listening to music and playing trivia games in French. 

"National French Week was a well-needed break from the norm," said Upper School French Teacher Laila Kharrat, "and something that brought joy to many people this week!"

Très bien, Eagles!