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BubbleLife loves nothing more than receiving a great testimonial from a client of one of our own. Rodney Barnett, Trichologist at Elite Emage, received this outstanding client testimonial, and we wanted to share it.

If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss, Elite Emage can help you. Dallas’ premiere center for hair replacement services, products and solutions.

“When I was suffering major hair loss and my self-esteem hit an all-time low.  I decided to Goggle a Hair Loss Expert, and my search lead me to the number one Certified Trichologists in the US, a 20 year veteran, Rodney Barnett. Being met by a bubbly friendly receptionist, who arranged for my urine and saliva pH assessment test, followed by a very thorough in-depth consultation, which included a microscopic analysis, with a print out of my disorder and products to use and a Bio survey, to establish the cause of my hair-loss, which was the ultimate part of my consultation, as it established which body system could be robbing my hair of nutrition and how to reverse the deficiency with supplements. Cosmetic Laser Therapy and Topical Scalp Exfoliation were explained as viable options as therapy. I felt even more encouraged, when a final option was explained, that if my locks couldn’t be restored, a non-surgical Hair Replacement Specialist will customize a complete, natural hair unit, made from 100% human hair for you. Now I fully understand why I was led to a Hair Restoration Center. I could leave with a clear plan of action and my dignity reestablished.”

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