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We are excited to announce that Phoebe had her first sleep over at age ten! Thanks to Mazie, the family’s service dog who is able to detect low blood sugar, she was able to enjoy an overnight stay at her friends house with less cause for concern. Phoebe was joined by her sisters Karis and Megan, and also her friend Katelyn. These girls are all mentioned in Dogs in Vests, the book and project that raises money to assist in paying for the life of Mazie, and teach the world about owner trained service dogs. 


Mazie has been doing so well since her training, and of course with continued training, to perform her medical alert duties. She even alerted twice to Miriam Richard, the dogs original host mom, who was on preforming a Prolon fast (for more details on the Prolon fast, please send a direct message). This moment was really special because it showed how accurate Mazie was becoming at fulfilling her duties.


Miriam shared that Mazie jumped up and pawed at her on multiple occasions within a small amount of time. She generally wouldn’t leave Miriam’s side for over and hour. Miriam realized that the affection was beyond what is called for during a foster mom and pup reunion. Trying to understand Mazie’s relentless pressure for attention she thought to herself, “I wonder if my blood sugar is low and she’s alerting me?” Miriam immediately checked her blood sugar levels and  discovered her numbers were at a low of 72 the first time and even lower at 70 after the second test. Miriam then ate a Prolon bar, quickly raising her blood sugar to 84. Mazie stopped alerting to Miriam after a couple of minutes and went on enjoying being a dog and checking on her girls (The Ladewig daughters). The next morning Mazie alerted to Miriam and thus, she ate another bar. Fortunately, the Ladewig girls did not warrant any alerts during the visit. What a success! Mazie is becoming a master at her craft. It’s so exciting to watch her grow not just as a service animal, but also in her love for her girls.


On behalf of Dogs In Vests, we are so proud of Mazie, our Novacek 84 Labradoodle! Additionally, we are so happy for The Ladewig girls, whom defy all odds while discovering how to live a normal life with their trusted dog Mazie at their side. 

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