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Mazie's first hospital visit with Pheobe on Christmas Eve.

Our story involves service dogs, families bonded over health issues with one father currently serving in the Army away from home for 12 months, a retired professional football player, his wife, and local high school volunteers coming together to help train a service dog for a near by family.  


My family, with the help of professional trainers and volunteers, have gone above and beyond diet to train our service dog Stella to detect 13 multiple grains and starches not allowed on the Specific Carbohydrate diet for IBD.  This in turn led to the training of a second dog, Mazie, who not only provides emotional support for two young girls but also detects changes in life-threatening body chemistry for these young ladies.


Our community written book Dogs in Vests, chronicles our personal journey of raising and training Stella and introduces the reader to the wonderful Ladewig family whom Mazie serves.  I have co-authored this book with Victor Fadool who brings his insight into the world of emotional support animals and a group of young authors anxious to tell their story of life with a service dog.  You’re sure to particularly enjoy Mazie’s perspective!


This new and exciting emerging service animal training represents a niche area of health and wellness and you can learn more at

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