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Cile McCormick and Claire Catrino are Honorary Chairs for Fashion Notes

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra League (DSOL) will celebrate music and fashion at the 7th annual Fashion Notes Designer Award Luncheon and Style Show presented by Veritex Community Bank on Wednesday, November 4, at the Fairmont Dallas, 1717 N. Akard Street. Tickets are limited in order to adhere to CDC guidelines. 

This year the DSOL celebrates its 75th anniversary. Throughout the last 75 years, the League has donated over 20 million dollars to the Dallas Symphony. This would not have been possible without all the amazing women who have served as Presidents of the League. The past presidents are collectively the recipients of the Fashion Notes Designer Award for their work in designing and guiding the league for 75 years. The event will pay tribute to all the past presidents who have made music education possible for hundreds of thousands of children. To honor a former DSOL President in the Fashion Notes event program, donations of $50 or more can be made on the website A gift of $200 or more includes flowers for the recipient of honor. Flowers will be presented at the Fashion Notes event.

Mother-daughter duo, Cile McCormick and Claire Catrino will serve as Honorary Chairs. Cile is a devoted supporter of the symphony and a longtime member of DSOL. Her daughter Claire was a debutante, Assembly officer, and now serves on the DSOL Board. 

The morning begins at 11:00 a.m. with a carefully orchestrated agenda respecting social distancing and CDC protocols. The DSOL acknowledges the safety and comfort with temperature taken upon arrival, fewer guests per table, tables spaced more than 6 feet apart, strict CDC protocol followed by hotel staff, and availability of self parking. 

The agenda includes a reception and Mystery Notes gift pull followed by a luncheon, Fashion Notes Designer Award presentation, a live auction, and a performance by some of the DSO Young Strings musicians. The latest fashions from TOOTSIES will be featured, with Nerissa von Helpenstill and Dustin Holcomb of TOOTSIES serving as emcees. 

The event is  chaired by Karen Cox and Anne Ligon is the DSOL President.   

Proceeds from this event benefit the Dallas Symphony Association and its education and community outreach programs. 

“The idea of putting a violin or flute in the hands of a child who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument is heartwarming,” said event chair Karen Cox. “I am humbled to be part of this fun Fashion Notes Luncheon and support the important community outreach programs of the DSO.” 

Some of the quality outreach programs the League supports are: DSO on the Go, Community Concerts and Performances, Cecil and Ida Green Youth Concerts, Symphony Yes!, DSO Kids, Young Strings and Young Musicians. 

The Luncheon is sponsored by Veritex Community Bank/Darlene Ellison, TOOTSIES, and Fairmont Dallas. 

The past Presidents of the DSOL are:

Mrs. Vera Hartt Martin * 1946-1947
Mrs. J. F. Stuart Arthur 1947-1949
Mrs. Samuel A . Shelburne* 1949-1951
Mrs. John M. Pace* 1951-1953
Mrs. Lord Lingo* 1953-1955
Mrs. Dan Rogers* 1955-1956
Mrs. Henry S. Miller, Jr.* 1956-1958
Mrs. W. W. Lynch, Sr*. 1958-1960
Mrs. George M. Pavey, Jr .* 1960-1961
Mrs. Hubert G. Foster * 1961-1962
Mrs. Clarence H. Dragert* 1962-1964
Mrs. Frank Pearcy* 1964-1966
Mrs. Theodore H. Strauss* 1966-1968
Mrs. C. Wes ley Goyer, Jr.* 1968-1970
Mrs. George M. Pavey, Jr.* 1970-1972
Mrs. William Plack Carr* 1972-1975
Mrs. David Donosky 1975-1977
Mrs. Eugene Jericho* 1977-1978
Mrs. James M. Copps 1978-1979
Mrs. Donald E. McGuire, Jr. 1979-1980
Mrs. Reuben H. Adams 1980-1981
Mrs. Robert A. Fanning* 1981-1982
Mrs. Bill L. Nelson 1982-1983
Mrs. Frances B. Chantilis* 1983-1984
Mrs. Lawrence S. Barzune 1984-1985
Mrs. Merlyn D. Sampels 1985-1986
Mrs. Jimmy T. Lontos* 1986-1987
Mrs. W. Robert Hudgins 1987-1988
Mrs. Melvin C. Kadesky 1988-1989
Mrs. Vance C. Miller 1989-1990
Mrs. Oliver M. Gould 1990-1991
Mrs. Harvey R. Mitchell 1991-1992
Mrs. Michael L. McCullough 1992-1993
Mrs. Joe B. Mullins, Jr. 1993-1994
Mrs. F. Donnelly Black 1994-1995
Mrs. Edwin A. Robertson 1995-1996
Mrs. Manfred E. New 1996-1997
Mrs. Jerry M. Waddle 1997-1998
Mrs. Dennis J. Factor 1998-1999
Mrs. William C. Reardon 1999-2000
Mrs. Oscar W . Ponder 2000-2001
Mrs. Gerald C. Moore 2001-2002
Mrs. George F. Longino Ill 2002-2003
Mrs. Kenneth Ray Etheredge 2003-2004
Mrs. Charles R. Gibbs 2004-2005
Mrs. Frank T. Lauinger 2005-2006
Mrs. Maurice C. Ballew 2006-2007
Mrs. Nigel M.H.O.Brown 2007-2008
Mrs. Dan C. Gatlin 2008-2009
Mrs. Robert M. Walker 2009-2010
Mrs. William R. Boyd 2010-2011
Mrs. Roger C. Gault 2011-2012
Mrs. Linton Barbee 2012-2013
Mrs. Rodney Sager 2013-2014
Mrs. Dixie Marshall 2014-2015
Mrs. Vernon B. Lewis Ill 2015-2016
Mrs. John W. Secor 2016-2017
Mrs. Don Epperson 2017-2018
Mrs. Kendall Laughlin, Sr. 2018-2019
Mrs. Joe Brannon 2019-2020

About the Honorary Chairs

Cile McCormick is a Dallas native, graduate of Highland Park High School and Southern Methodist University. She is a member of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League, the Dallas Woman’s Club, and The Marianne Scruggs Garden Club. Cile has been involved with the alumnae group for Pi Beta Phi, Council for Life, Kidney Texas, and a past member of Cattle Baron’s committee. Cile is a sustainer for Junior League and involved with the women's auxiliary for Salvation Army. She has been a member of Bible Study Fellowship and All Saints Church for numerous years. She uses her love of reading to tutor underserved children in the Dallas area. 

Claire Catrino serves on the board of The Dallas Symphony Orchestra League as Vice President of Public Relations. Furthermore, she is a past DSOL debutante, and assembly President and Chairman. She now serves on the Ball Committee as Week of the Ball Co-Chair. The education and outreach programs that the DSOL provides to young musicians in Dallas are among the many reasons she loves serving in the League. She is on the leadership council for The Junior League of Dallas and is a graduate of the T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute. She is Horticulture co-chairman and board member for The Junior Group of Marianne Scruggs Garden Club and board member of The Junior Group of Dallas Garden Club. For many years, Claire has been engaged in the Dallas community serving youth in need at the Notre Dame School and Alley’s House. She has been involved at Munger Place Church and her daughter’s school. She has a Master’s degree from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Texas A&M University. 

Tickets are limited in order to adhere to CDC guidelines. 

Title Sponsor is $10,000 and Presenting Sponsor is $7,500. Additional sponsorships are $5,000, and $2,500. Individual tickets are $500 and $300. 

In Honor Of donations are $100, $250, $500, $1000. A list of Past Presidents of the DSOL is included for any In Honor of donations to pay tribute to these amazing women. Donations of $200 include a floral arrangement presented to the President being honored. The flowers will be delivered at the event. 

Sponsorship and underwriting benefits include preferred seating, modeling spots, DSO concert tickets and recognition, special program visibility, and more. 

Visit the website at For more information, contact Maliska Haba or 214-871-4005.


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              Instagram:   @DSOLeague            

Mission Statement: The Dallas Symphony Orchestra League is an organization of volunteers who support the Dallas Symphony Association through service, education and fundraising activities. 

History: Since 1946, the DSO League has worked to support the Dallas Symphony Orchestra through service, education and fundraising efforts.  Since 1998, the League has contributed more than $19 million in support of the Dallas Symphony Association’s Community Outreach and Education programs, which help bring the wonder of music to thousands in the Dallas Metroplex.

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