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Mindy Osler, Lauren Schnitzer, Savannah Crow, Anna Robertson, and Elizabeth Reid.



Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Introduces Debutantes at
33rd Annual Presentation Ball Announcement Weekend Events


The Dallas Symphony Orchestra League introduced the 2018-19 debutantes during Announcement Weekend festivities May 31-June 2. The weekend marked the official start of a season of events culminating with the 33rd Presentation Ball, which will be held February 9, 2019.  

Announcement Weekend began with the announcement party at Stanley Korshak on Thursday evening, May 31. On Saturday, Stanley Korshak hosted a couture gown show featuring the gowns of designer Mackenzie Brittingham. To conclude the weekend, Croquet at the Club was held at the Maridoe Golf Club on Saturday evening. 

The Honorary Chairs for the 2019 Presentation Ball were announced and recognized at the Announcement Party: Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller. They are longtime supporters of the DSO and the Dallas community. Their daughter Niña was a debutante and their sons Alexis and Oliver have served as Honor Guards. 

The Presentation Ball Chair is Carla Leffert and DSOL President is Lisa Loy Laughlin. Both know well what to expect during the debutante season well. Carla has had two daughters make their debut and Lisa is a past Presentation Ball Chair. 

The formal announcement of the debutantes by Stan Gardner went flawlessly with the help of the many committee members who worked behind the scenes. Heather Moore coached the Debutantes and the Honor Guard in the back staging area while Kristin Cordiak and Kendra Averitt encouraged the girls as they made their walk down the runway. 

The 2018-2019 debutantes are:

Maddie Basso, Katy Callewart, Carly Cooper, Savannah Crow, Avery Davis, Katherine Fraser, Kathleen Gamso, Kate Gioldasis, Natalie Groves, Gracie Hunt, Mary Margaret Jaynes, Alix Lippincott, Georgia McGill, Elizabeth McIlyar, Megan Molthan, Caroline Mulligan, Coco Murchison, Hattie Newton, Mindy Osler, Cassandra Polley, Elizabeth Reid, Anna Robertson, Kristen Romano, Lily Schiff, Lauren Schnitzer, Livy Scott, Nicole Smith, Emily Stone, Samantha Sullivan, Sally Wade, Ava Wall, and Whitney Wheeler. 

Included in the attendees that evening were Tincy Miller, Tomima Edmark, Helen and Clint Murchison, Ken Schnitzer, Sarah Jo and Mark Hardin, Kim Noltemy, James Leffler, and Melissa Lewis

There were several second generation debutantes making their debut. Hattie Newton’s mother Mary Casey and aunt Donna Casey were debutantes for the inaugural ball held in 1987 and her aunt Lisa Casey was presented a few years later. Megan Molthan’s mother Heather and her aunt Wendy are both former debutantes.      

The Presentation Ball, which was first held in 1987, is the largest fundraiser for the DSOL. Over $11 million has been raised for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra through the annual event, which was created with the vision of long-time League member Tincy Miller, who chaired the first ball. 

Founded in 1946, the mission of the DSOL is to support the Dallas Symphony Orchestra through service, education and fundraising activities. Since 1998 the League has contributed over $16 million in support of the Dallas Symphony Association’s Community Outreach and Education programs, which help bring the wonder of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to thousands of youths and adults in the Dallas Metroplex. 

Group Photo by James French

All other photos by Deborah Brown

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