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Access To Capital
Class For Small Businesses

Monday, July 22, 2019  
5pm - 6pm

White Rock United Methodist Church
1450 Old Gate Lane - Dallas, TX 75218

Need capital to grow, or expand your small business?

Join us for an information-packed, one-hour class providing practical information that can provide access to the funding you need to reach your business potential.

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New Grant-Subsidized Program Announced To Assist
East Dallas Entrepreneurs Access Capital

The Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce (GEDCC) announced that it will be hosting Innovative Capital Strategies, Inc. (ICS), a Tyler, TX-based small business advisory firm, to present monthly Access To Capital classes for small business owners with an emphasis on underutilized and overlooked sources of funding available, even to start ups and entrepreneurs with poor personal credit.

According to Thomas Montgomery, MHA, MBA, Business Professor at Tyler Junior College and co-founder of ICS, “ICS was formed with the input of local business bankers, lenders, SBDC Advisors, and SCORE Mentors to solve a key issue faced by most small businesses—access to capital. While valuable resources and lenders certainly exist in our community, there is a significant gap of knowledge and lack of access to capital for these small businesses as most resources and funding tend to focus on larger and more “bankable” clients. ICS is thrilled to present this educational curriculum to members of the GEDCC and the East Dallas business community starting on July 22nd with the goal of assisting small business owners to start and grow businesses, resulting in new jobs, a larger tax base and a stronger community.”

On July 22nd, the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce will host ICS to conduct a free, one-hour Access to Capital class held at the White Rock United Methodist Church.

Key topics covered will include:
• Learn the secrets of building business credit under your EIN without the use of personal credit.
• Become aware of the 27 most common mistakes that keep small businesses from accessing capital.
• Gain familiarity in grant-subsidized programming available to help small businesses access capital through special programs and resources including:
? Business credit-based sources of capital that do NOT use your personal credit/SSN.
? Business loans, evens for start-ups, that do NOT report on your personal credit reports.
? SBA loan programs only requiring a 165 FICO for approval that is available for start-ups and fund in only 15 days.
? Low interest business loans that fund in just five days with very relaxed underwriting requirements.
? Free assistance building a lender-compliant loan package.

For pre-launch businesses, a subsequent class is taught immediately after the Access to Capital class to provide guidance on how to effectively set-up and start a new business.

All participants will have access to enroll in ICS’ Capital Ready Package program, where they are assisted with building their Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business credit profiles, establishing a strong PAYDEX and Intelliscores rating, and improving their FICO SBSS which is used for many business loan applications. With personal assistance, participants will be guided through the process to qualify for capital under their EIN without the use of personal credit or guarantees. Additionally, each participant in the Capital Ready Package is assigned a designated Finance Officer to assist in identifying additional sources of capital for the entrepreneur based upon their circumstances. While the grant-subsidized program is one year in duration, most participants will receive initial access to capital within the first thirty (30) days of participation and all are guaranteed access to at least $100,000.

Entrepreneurs interested in attending an Access To Capital class can call the EDC at 903-473-2465 or directly register via .

DISCLOSURE: The Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce will receive from BCLI $50 per attendee that enrolls in the “Capital Ready Package,” offered through Innovative Capital Strategies. This is a voluntary program is separate from the free “Access To Capital” classes.
DISCLAIMER: The Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce (“GEDCC”) is not acting in any capacity relating to SBA funding or the securing of same. GEDCC is purely providing a forum for a small business education seminar hosted by BCLI. GEDCC does not control the seminar or its curriculum, whether SBA related or otherwise. Per-participant monies earned by GEDCC are purely for providing a forum for small business education, regardless of content, whether SBA related or not, and whether any SBA or other funding is sought or promised. GEDCC makes no promises as to the curriculum or its efficacy, makes no guarantee that any participant will receive any funding from any source at any time, and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or efficacy of the information or instruction provided in the seminar or otherwise from BCLI or any other party.

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