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Junior Symphony Ball Check Presented to DSOL

Junior Symphony Ball Check Presented to DSOL

Restrictions lifted paved way for hugely successful event 


Most organizations around the city can relate to the months of planning and preparation for their events only to have to cancel or postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Junior Symphony Ball (JSB) was among those groups whose plans were put on hold. The annual ball scheduled for January 2021 at Gilley’s was cancelled and it was uncertain if the event would be held this year.

The JSB is a “Purpose with a Party” fundraising event where high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from over 40 participating schools come together for a central mission. The goal is to raise critical funds for Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s music education and outreach programs which positively impact under-served youth in Dallas and throughout North Texas. It is an evening filled with live music, dancing and refreshments. JSB is now in its 64th year and is the longest-running fundraiser of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League (DSOL).  

With the event on hold, the students kept busy during the time to keep their spirits up. In December, they collected 400 pounds of food for the Christmas food drive. 

After restrictions were lifted, the ball was re-scheduled and finally held on June 7, 2021, at the Toyota Music Factory, an outdoor venue. 

It was a huge success, carefully executed by 300 committee members. Over 1300 students from 40 schools attended, which was a celebratory evening with dinner, dancing and music by DJ André 7.   

The total dollars were tallied, and a tremendous sum had been raised by the students during this Covid-19 crisis year. At a private reception, the JSB committee presented a gigantic, oversized check to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League for $238,432. 

Anne Ligon, the DSOL President who presided over the year, was ecstatic and her heartfelt words were conveyed to the check presenters with passion. 

“I can’t express how much I appreciate your hard work.  I remained optimistic throughout my presidential year but also tried to be realistic due to the challenges of covid; I am blown away by what you all accomplished. 

“A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended the first Young Musicians’ orchestra event since the beginning of the pandemic. Being there filled my heart with joy. As I looked at each musician’s face, I saw pride in their accomplishment. I also noticed dads eagerly volunteering and proud moms videotaping the event. It was a beautiful sight.  

“Each fundraising dollar is connected to a face, a name, and a story, and you all changed lives with this event. The funds raised by JSB will ensure these kids have years of music instruction with the best teachers. In twenty years, some of these kids will be at a DSOL event sharing their success story, and you are actively taking part in it now. 

“I also want to express how appreciative I am because you all went far beyond the call of duty. You committed to nine months and went an extra four. And, as we all know, the spring semester of the junior and senior year of high school is hectic and overwhelming. It would have been so easy to quit, and many would have, but you all didn’t. Instead, you stayed with it. Look at your success! You all have changed lives with your hard work and commitment. Thank you.” 

The Parent Co-Chairs were Alison Muncy, Suzy Calvert, Liz Kelly, Debbie Robinowitz, Paula Wills, Justine Sweeny, Angela Jackson, Alyson Jackson, and Tish Key. 

Student Co-Chairs were Fletcher Calvert from ESD, Riley Calvert from ESD, Abbey Jackson from Parish, Sam Jackson from Jesuit, Lili Kelly from ESD, Harrison Keys from Highland Park, Madison Muncy from Highland Park, Emma Sweeney from Ursuline, and Kate Wills from Hockaday. 

The Underwriting Committee consisted of JSB moms Suzanne Calvert and Liz Kelly. 

The JSB committee is already at work planning next year’s event which has been scheduled at Gilley’s for January 29, 2022. Information is available at

Photo by Deborah Brown

Key to photo: 

Junior Symphony Ball 2021 Student Chairs check presentation

Pictured from left: Anne Ligon, Lily Kelly, Jake Robinowitz, Sam Jackson, and Emma Sweeney, and Kim Noltemy.

Not Pictured: Fletcher Calvert, Riley Calvert, Abbey Jackson, Harrison Key, Madison Muncy, and Kate Wills.






Thursday, August 19, 2021