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This Summer DAMPA is kicking off a brand new Improv Program under the direction of the talented and super funny Chad Cline, who will teach students the fine art of Comedy Improv and help them expand their performance skills!

In our Act It Out! Improv Comedy Camp and Improv Through Play Camp young actors will learn the basics of Improvisational Comedy through fun exercises, play, and group work with a focus on making situations real (and hilarious) based on their own personal experiences.

Chad has over 20 years of experience performing and teaching improvisational comedy. He has been cast in several stage and screen productions with actors including Chuck Norris, Mindy Sterling, and Daniel Roebuck. Chad also has numerous commercial and voiceover credits. He currently performs throughout Texas with the Musical Improv Group - The Band.
Don't miss the chance to work with Chad Cline! Register now! For more information please visit
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