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Volunteers deliver shelters and feeding stations to the cats on Katy Trail.

On Saturday, volunteers with Dallas Pets Alive! delivered hand-made shelters and feeding stations to the stray cat colony on Katy Trail. Most feral cats are not suitable for adoption, so Dallas Pets Alive’s Trap-Neuter/Spay-Release (TNR) program allows the cats to live out the remainder of their lives in a stable, well-fed environment, while also working to reduce the number of stray cats in DFW. The stray cat colony on Katy Trail has been stabilized with the help of Dallas Pets Alive’s TNR program as nearly all of the cats have been vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

“Providing a safe living environment for these cats, away from the pedestrians on Katy Trail, is vital to ensuring that the cat colony remains as healthy as possible,” said Tina Hoskins, director of the TNR program at Dallas Pets Alive. “We are so grateful to all the volunteers who made the shelters and feeding stations as well as those who help us manage this colony on a daily basis.”

Volunteers with Dallas Pets Alive have delivered 12 shelters and feeding stations to the cats on Katy Trail. They also educate the public about reducing the feral cat population in a humane way and provide resources to those who need help managing stray cats. Dallas Pets Alive manages roughly 75 stray cat colonies in the DFW area.

About Dallas Pets Alive!

Dallas Pets Alive! is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit rescue group dedicated to promoting and providing resources, education and programs to eliminate the killing of companion animals. Dallas Pets Alive focuses on pulling pets from the rescue list at Dallas Animal Services and on proactive measures to reduce the number of animals entering the city shelter with their Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) and Positive Alternative to Shelter Surrender (PASS) programs. Dallas Pets Alive’s goal is to one day make Dallas a no-kill city. For more information visit  


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