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Kitchen Design Concepts

Over the course of its nearly 20 years in business, Kitchen Design Concepts, a Dallas-based home remodeling company, has experienced advancements in cabinetry firsthand. From the rustic kitchen trends of the early 2000s to the rise of white cabinets, Kitchen Design Concepts’ Residential Designers Rebecca Sutton and Katie Bacon share insights into how cabinetry has advanced over the years.

Cabinet Interiors

As society is experiencing a cultural shift toward minimalism and mindfulness, organization has become of high priority for Dallas clients looking to remodel their kitchens. Kitchen Design Concepts has seen an increase in demand for custom inserts so that homeowners can seamlessly organize their kitchen supplies and utensils in a way that maximizes intention and mindfulness while decreasing clutter.

Personal Safety and Security

Kitchen Design Concepts is seeing a trend of cabinet lines offering options for more innovative locking mechanisms on their cabinets. In the past, these locking mechanisms have been seen on beverage refrigerators and file cabinets, but the recent use of locking items in a built-in cabinet not only provides security but also is an effective way to “hide” personal and valuable items as it blends in with other cabinets in the home. Remote locking systems can also easily be added to cabinetry for remote access to multiple cabinets.

Advancements in Style

Recent advancements in style have been taking the kitchen industry by storm. With the rise of social media, specifically Instagram and Pinterest, clients are more easily exposed to inspiration that pushes them beyond their traditional styles. It’s a way of visualizing that incorporating bolder colors and intricate hardware is feasible while maintaining timeless elegance. Kitchen Design Concepts is also seeing clients interested in two-toned cabinets and intentionally with detail which were less trendy in previous eras.

Outdoor Cabinetry

Alongside the wellness and mindfulness trends of society, time outside is of high priority for homeowners seeking a grounded lifestyle. Kitchen Design Concepts has seen an uptick in cabinet lines that are offering a wider variety of outdoor cabinets and materials. Lines that have been around for a while, like NatureKast, have nearly doubled their options of door styles, finish colors, and specialty cabinetry with the rise in customized outdoor living.


Kitchen Design Concepts provides turnkey remodeling services to Dallas clients through a defined and refined process that shapes partnerships with each client. Kitchen Design Concepts works closely with each client to learn their lifestyles, aesthetic tastes and needs for maximum satisfaction. For more information call (214) 390-8300 or visit

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