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A group of Texans Can Academy - Dallas Ross Avenue students arriving at the polls for early voting.

Texans Can Academies’ campuses recently held on-campus voter registration drives to help eligible students register to vote. To complete the voting experience, Texans Can Academy - Dallas Ross Avenue campus made it possible for their students to vote during the early voting period. The campus provided transportation for students requesting help to vote at the nearest poll location. When the students arrived, volunteers at the polls walked the first-time voters through the process of casting their first ballot.

“Excitement and enthusiasm were evident as our students headed towards their first voting experience. They were well prepared to make their own informed decisions to go through the voting process, and were ready to make their voices heard,” said Texans Can Academy - Dallas Ross Avenue Principal Rufus Johnson.

The voting process itself and the election site can be very intimidating to first-time voters. The school’s teachers assisted eligible students to register and educate the voters on the full election process. The school shared all candidate, proposition and other information that the students would find on their individual precinct ballots. They also went over polling site etiquette.

“We have encouraged our students as future good citizens to get involved in their community and country,” continued Principal Johnson. “In line with our mission to ‘Graduate Thinkers’ we encourage them to seek out information about candidates and issues from credible sources and decide what's important to them.”

Texans Can Academies provides an educational route for youth and non-traditional students in need, who would otherwise not have the means to receive a proper high school education. Many of the students who attend the schools experience barriers to their education such as poverty, little access to basic resources, early parenthood and more. Today, Texans Can has 14 campuses located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio and has impacted the lives of over 151,000 students. 

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