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Students from Texans Can Academies are starting full-time positions as electricians with TRIO Electric after completing TRIO Education’s Pre-Apprentice Program. 

TRIO Education develops curriculum and provides training in the construction field while TRIO Electric is an electrical design, construction and service firm focusing on commercial, multi-family residential and light industrial projects. 

Texans Can Academies partnered with TRIO to provide high school students with the option of learning the skills they need to become safe and productive electricians, further ensuring their economic independence after graduation. The TRIO Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a hands-on program where students meet five days a week for three hours each day. Completion of the program qualifies students for a guaranteed job with TRIO as promised by the company’s CEO, Beau Pollock. 

Jeremiah Hayes recently completed the TRIO Pre-Apprenticeship Program and accepted the full-time position with TRIO Electric after graduating from Texans Can Academies. He said, “Spending extra time outside of class and work for TRIO was worth it. It was hard at the beginning, but you adapt to the process and if you stay committed it becomes easy.” 

"Early graduates of the the TRIO Pre-Apprenticeship Program were offered full time positions at TRIO and some of them will be traveling to work in Austin, Texas, for a few weeks where they will be provided with all their PPE, housing and per diem allowances to pay for meals. They will work across various construction sites where they will utilize the valuable skills they learned while participating in the program."

“We are grateful to TRIO Education and TRIO Electric for giving our students the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become skilled electricians and offering them a full-time position in their chosen field of work so they can become economically independent,” said Dan Cahalen, Texans Can Academies’ Chief Development Officer.

Texans Can Academies graduate thinkers and provide students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting a second chance to earn their high school diploma. Texans Can Academies are a unique network of 14 dropout prevention and recovery schools in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. The schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public high schools of choice. 

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